Not all removals are the same

Therefore you will have particular needs that a removal company will need to understand and act upon. Furthermore we need to find out what is most important to you when choosing a removal company to partner with. 

The home survey is important

As a rule the removal survey includes measuring the size of your move and above all what your expectations are when choosing a removal company. Particularly the free home survey is key in providing a bespoke quotation that will be broken down like a menu into specific areas. Specifically these include materials, packing services, dismantling and rebuilding services, additional insurance or storage. In addition your surveyor will talk you through the moving process and help with any concerns you may have. Your quotation will then be forwarded to you for your consideration, all at no cost to you.

A little more about removal services

Should you prefer to pack your belongings yourself we offer a range of high quality packing materials, please see our materials page.

henry and son removal pantechnicon

henry and son removal pantechnicon

Unquestionably our removal team are experts in moving unusual, bulky, fragile and valuable items. These items will be explicitly mentioned in your quotation ensuring everyone is aware of the specialist care needed. Furthermore we will load and transport your belongings using specialised equipment such as TV and picture carriers, mattress and bed base protectors.  Please mention anything that is most important to you and your family so that we can take extreme care with these items. To summarise, we use a range of protective materials designed to make moving easier and safer.

Packing services

To begin with, packing services save time, hassle and takes away pain. Removal companies offer several choices for packing such as:

  • Fragile pack – breakable items from kitchen, lounge and dining room
  • Full packing service – all items within the home (excluding loft and chilled/frozen food)

Please ask our friendly removal team for a separate cost for these options to help save you time.

Need furniture dismantled & rebuilt?

Indeed, we can dismantle and rebuild beds and wardrobes, un-plumb washing machines and dishwashers.

dismantling and rebuilding

We can flat pack and reassemble most modern modular furniture such as Ikea and Wayfair. Most common items are dining table legs, wardrobes, beds and garden items. For example we dismantle and rebuild trampolines, garden sheds and summer houses and we even re-felt the roof afterwards! Undeniably there is a limit on the number of times this type of furniture can be dismantled and put back together. Our surveyor will discuss this in further detail with you.

Furthermore we will move your pot plants, garden items, BBQ’s, ornaments, climbing frames, sheds and patio furniture. However, we cannot move your bottled gas. For more information about our additional home removal services, get in touch with one of our removal experts today.

Gadgets we use on every removal

We will use these gadgets on your removal to make moving easier and keep your items safe.

Henry and son removal equipment

Planning Your Removal Day
planning removal company

planning removal company

To begin with preparation is essential for a smooth house move. It can feel like there are a million and one things to do and certainly a lot of things to organise. Therefore a well-planned methodical approach will make all the difference and ease any moving stress. As a result your countdown should start a couple of months before your moving date. Certainly no later than a month before.

Two Months Before Removal Day
Henry and son planner

Henry and son planner

It may seem a long time away but time will pass quickly. Certainly you don’t want to hold things up once the moving process really starts to gather pace. For this reason it’s a good idea to:

Find a solicitor to handle your conveyancing.

Also start a moving folder and keep all your documentation together in one place.

Begin clearing out the items stored in your loft!

One Month Before Removal Day
Henry and son family re-cycling

Henry and son family re-cycling

Re-cycle unwanted items, in particular sort out similar items and take to a local charity. Inform schools of your children’s finish and start dates.

At this time notify the DVLA, Doctors, Dentists, Gas, Electric, TV, Phone, Banks, Councils, Insurance Companies. Not to mention any other key organisations of your new address.

Agree a date for exchange of contracts and the date for completion (move day).

Arrange cool boxes for chilled/frozen food on removal day.

Label each box with the room in the new home to which it should be delivered. This will help the removals team to get on with their job on moving day without having to keep stopping to ask you.

Pack some “Open me first” boxes containing essential items that you will need immediately. Make sure these are clearly marked so they don’t get buried under other boxes. See our ‘Packing Like a Pro’ section for more packing tips.

At this point, it’s a good idea to keep in daily contact with your solicitors. By now you should have exchanged contracts and have set a date for completion. This is your removal day.

Similarly, a point often overlooked is to leave a spare set of keys with your estate agent, this means you can post your keys back through the door when you leave your old house, saving time on your moving day.

On Removal Day
loading storage crates on site

loading storage crates on site

Talk to your removals company team about the best time to pack chilled/frozen food. In particular you want to give yourself enough time to pack food items, but to minimise the amount of time that food is out of the fridge/freezer.

Above all, pack a bag of personal items you may need during the move. If you have children, pack a bag of games and activities for the trip; remember, you may have to wait for key release, so you’ll need something to keep them occupied.

Finally, plan to start calling your solicitor at around 10.30am to check on money transfers and find out what time the key will be released.

Is our removals company a good fit for you?

You need to trust someone but who? 

British Association of Removers members promise to act fairly and reasonably with you and uphold all the standards contained in their Code of Practice.

Our key commitments are to:
• Make sure that advertising and promotional literature is clear and not misleading.
• Provide you with a clear description, price and timetable for the work carried out.
• Offer insurance or other protection options.
• Explain clearly the liability for loss or damage, the time limit for making claims, and cancellation/postponement rights and charges.
• Provide staff who are courteous, competent, and committed to providing a high standard of service.
• Deal quickly and sympathetically with things that go wrong.
• Publicise this Code, have copies freely available and make sure staff are trained to put it into practice.

Our Values & Ethics

  • We are A TEAM
  • We are A FAMILY
  • We are PUNCTUAL
  • We are CREATIVE

Family run removal company 1,268 people moved in 2021. Moving people since 1982, Fully insured for peace of mind. Professional, well trained team. We will be on time guaranteed!


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